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  用myself为题写一篇话题作文.(70字左右)Yes,my name is xxx.myself为题,写一篇英语作文(120词)I often go swimming.So I am healthy though I am thin.But my study is so so.I must study hard.This is me.Do you know me?myself为题写一篇英语作文(120词)it but it s also my best wish. 初二水平,包括很多初二所应该掌握的单词 词组,且篇幅不长~补充:68个词!再加一句话What do you think of my dreamAnd?~!Myself作文结尾everyone has his own dream,i have my dream,too.I want to be a doctor in the future.Maybe you will ask me why,and i just want to say,i like helping others,i don t want everyone live without madicine.I want my patient be happy ,and i want them be in good health.This is my dream,it s simple,but it s also my best wish. 初二水平,包括很多初二所应该掌握的单词 词组,且篇幅不长~补充:68个词!?再加一句话What do you think of my dreamAnd ,what is your dream 80个了!!~myself英语作文XXX,写以myself为题的英语作文(必须带翻译)哦myself英语作文 带翻译的 50字以上I most afraid of a person at night to go to sleep. But I am very polite. My hobby is very widespread:swimming,楼主你好,以上翻译是从翻译器翻译出来的,不准确,语法错误多. 以上的准确版本本人已帮你改. 请参考:m not very (男孩[handsome],女孩[beautiful pretty]),I m afraid of the dark and can painting,singing,dancing,I love making friends!如楼主需要的内容不一样可以追问!